Contradiction between owners turn right and straight pedestrian risk how to solve?

Pedestrians straight risk owners turn right there is confusion, contradictions between the two with the development of the crossroads existed so far. On the face of it, the owner is a strong side, pedestrians are the weaker side, and owners of existing traffic law to take the turning with the primary responsibility of pedestrian accidents, to force owners of strong initiative to yield to pedestrians. In practice, however, Traffic Act this provision, does not solve the vehicles turning right and straight contradiction of pedestrians at zebra crossings. How, then, can ease and even vehicles turning right and straight pedestrian right of way dispute?
solutions: pedestrian vehicle owners frequently changes the observance of traffic rules is the bottom line
from January 1 this year began implementing the new rules make it clear that, motor vehicles through traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic line markings or the intersection of traffic police command, should slow down, encounters a pedestrian crosswalk should stop. Turn right onto vehicles not to avoid pedestrians, belongs to the violation, penalties will be fined 200 Yuan and 3. You can see from the regulations, vehicles to the right to avoid pedestrians, horn is not rushed pedestrians, but cannot be forced to turn right.
but for pedestrians, waiting for red light drive would also need to consider the feelings of the people. Observe traffic regulations, while not strong red light, waiting for a red light should be waiting at pedestrian waiting area, does not prevent a normal right turning vehicles.
solutions II: humanized design of traffic lights turn right led can help
in an interview at the press conference, many pedestrians, the owner said, if you set a right turn indicator, then direct conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles turning right to relieve, in addition, some of the timing of the traffic lights should also be more reasonable.
suggestion three: the footbridge more an underground passage time
use straight contradiction with the turning is essentially vehicles compete with the highway right of way of pedestrians, construction of a bridge or underpass for pedestrians to provide additional channels, reduce pedestrian for highway use, can greatly alleviate the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles turning right straight. Pedestrian overpass or underpass to cross the road there are a number of benefits: firstly, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, the safety of pedestrians, especially children and the elderly, given maximum protection and, secondly, can save the time waiting for a red light for pedestrians; again, red light crossing the pedestrian crossing the street less conducive to private vehicles. In a reasonable position to build overpasses or underpasses can greatly reduce the risk of pedestrians straight.
solution four: warden command vehicles turning right volunteers to guide pedestrians
straight reporters found that no traffic wardens or volunteers lead junction, turn right straight vehicles and pedestrians are often mixed together, scenes of chaos and disorder. There are traffic wardens or volunteers guide junction, although there is a lot of traffic and the flow of people, vehicles turning right and straight lines of pedestrians in an orderly, coordinated, owners will yield to pedestrians.

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