Wenzhou squeeze 8 people in the tragic accident Audi Q5 crashes, 7 dead, 1 injured

Newspaper correspondents Xuan newspaper reporter in Wenzhou, Chen Mengyan Dai Wei Wen Miao Lina Wang Yimin
the car accident in Wenzhou, become a hot topic on Twitter yesterday. Tragic car accident photos, as well as "speed" and "drunk", "Lady on the bus" as these appear in the keywords in the Twitter, prompting market speculation.
users are most concerned about, when the accident occurred, this original nucleus contains 5 people on the SUV, incredibly crowded 8 adult men and women. Apart from the driver, and another 7 people died on the spot.
yesterday, reporters from the police, hospital and other sources confirmed that the SUV driver suspected of unlicensed, drunk driving, are already back from Wuhan, Wenzhou.
at present, the details about the accident, the traffic Police Department in the investigation.

half a car accident site was cut into pieces, 6 were thrown out of
the exact location of the accident, economic development zone, Wenzhou, in coastal six-over more than 50 metres west of the intersection with the Marina.
reporter at the scene saw, black Audi Q5 cars into a heap of metal, after the collision with truck, SUV right half of the body was almost completely cut off, but haven't changed on the cab side. The ground in a radius of hundreds of meters, is full of debris, and large pools of blood, miserable.
a cleaning are cleaning the scene of the accident said that only the pieces they put together several sacks.
involved in the rescue of firefighters rushed to the scene, including the pilot, there are two people stuck in the car and the remaining 6 were thrown out when the accident occurred. The car, there is a heady wine.
rescue workers will also have signs of life after pilot rescued, taken to a hospital.
SUV drivers are drunk
or take drugs?
after the accident, witnesses added some details associated with the accident.
, Mr LAU said, feels Audi car speeds hundreds of yards, play loud music in the car, men and women danced to the music.
said outside the scene in addition to a large number of fragments, necklace, cell phone housing were also found, including a disposable syringe.
these details, not speculation: is driving while intoxicated, rushed down after the drug's fault?
after traffic Police Department investigation, driver's blood alcohol limit, Wang 165.5mg/100ml, were indeed drunk driving. Not only that, but Wang is also suspected of driving without a license.
However, the traffic police by Wang's urine test results to exclude suspected drug-driving. 8 people on the
really miss it?
according to traffic Police Department revealed the news on the car, carrying a total of 8 adults, four men and four women.
male crew includes: driver surnamed Wang, Jingzhou city, Hubei Province of people; Liu, anxian County, Sichuan province, a top person, Mr Frederick FUNG, people in wanzhou; Wang, Danjiangkou city of Hubei Province, people. 4 female crew, two people's identity has yet to be verified, the other two are: a, xiushan, Chongqing people; Romania, majiang County, Guizhou province, people.
8 people, none of them are owners. Car is borrowed from a man named to the Red Army, but the time of the accident, he was not in the car. According to Red Army later recalled, the situation is on the whole of the night:
11th, a few friends looking for my dinner. On the table more than 10 people, some of which are known, some are met for the first time.
still have eight or nine o'clock, we went to a music bar in longwan new. When passed by two cars of Q5 cars only 4 people.
play for half an hour or so in the bar, a friend from a nearby KTV to miss a few. Hear of the KTV ladies look good, a friend and I also want to take a look. I put my car keys on the bar, just out of the bar.
I came to KTV downstairs, saw a car being out, driver, I don't know. Friends call him, he shut it down.