Winter road ready "seven arms" 4 ways to solve the fire

Winter temperatures in northern China is not too low, many people drove out don't have to wear thick cold equipment, but a set of winter clothes and a pair of gloves are also necessary, in case the ice and snow tire needs to be replaced, these ready as life-saving suit.
, old newspapers, tape: snow is made when people indulge, but brought no small trouble to traffic. Fixed old newspapers in the snow with a tape affixed to the windshield, can be removed from the next morning the windshield frost or freeze, unable to quickly hit trouble.
dry cloth, Duster: Duster dusting off the car of snow and dust is something that everyone will do, but be careful not to use a damp cloth to wipe the window, that window will freeze, as clean as possible to spend, so the best winter in a vehicle equipped with a dry cloth.
Sunglasses: Sunshine after the snow is snow, charming, easy is optic nerve fatigue, while wearing sunglasses can reduce visual fatigue, but also protect the eyes. In addition, in cases of fatigue, should be stopped to rest at the right time, in order to ensure traffic safety.
wiper blades: in snow freezing days, wiper front and rear opening and closing, should pay attention to wipe the blade on the snow and ice water, and wipe the windshield to prevent wiper and windscreen frozen together and, if necessary, overnight parking wipers up, ensure that they do not freeze.
spare tire: General winter tire should be able to keep enough air pressure, but should always knock on, check whether the pressure is normal, especially for spare tire repaired should pay more attention, low temperatures, some poor quality rubber tire failure.
fire extinguisher: windy in winter dry climate, some smokers turn abandoned undying spark cigarette butts, plus the dry leaves are easy to enter the engine compartment, appeared in response to the accidents, fire extinguishers are must-have items, be sure to see if a fire extinguisher in good working condition.
cold fire is too difficult to try the four methods of
in winter, low temperatures, some vehicles, especially diesel vehicles prone to problems such as difficulty in starting. How do we solve it? Intake system: intake system mainly refers to the throttle valve, inlet.
throttle body cleaning: remove the intake valve screws, use throttle cleaner wash, after a while, and then with a soft cloth to wipe clean of private.
inlet cleaning method: remove the throttle, to split from above the air intake system cleaner to the front cover, detergent poured in case of vehicle idling, speed maintained at about 1500 rpm, 10-15 minutes. Fuel system: fuel injection system including injectors and the fuel tank.
cleaning method: remove the inlet pipe, connected to the fuel injection system-specific tools, join exempts fuel cleaning additives, and adjusted the pressure at idle speed, the speed remained at about 1200 rpm for 20 minutes. Cleaning fuel injection systems, still need to pay attention to fire prevention, because when you remove the inlet pipe, a gas outflow, keep in mind the attention to fire. Exhaust system includes exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe, muffler, and exhaust gas purification devices (TWC) into four parts.
cleaning method: open the fuel tank cap, catalytic cleaning agent in the tank, the idle speed, speed maintained at between 2000-3000 rpm, for 20 minutes or more. Combustion system: refers to the combustion chamber the combustion system, steel lid and upper part of the piston at the top of the engine.
cleaning method: lay the combustion chamber, join a professional cleaner, put the road open for a while, speed at 80-100 km.
in addition, mainly in urban areas, and four major system maintenance the best once every 20,000 km.