How to wash the car after snow more scientific ways to avoid freezing

I believe the majority of people are not washing for the first time after snowfall, the reason is simple: the road is so dirty, wash the white wash. Really white-washing it?
a field snow let road, and car was snow cover, although silver white of views, and white of snow looks very clean, but in snow process in the, snow has adsorption has air in the of various chemical material, and are contains acid, and alkaline or corrosion sex of components, so snow Hou should timely for car Shan to snow and cleaning body, so as not to erosion car paint, makes its lost gloss.
also, snow Hou timely wash car also on lane security, and even legal road of guarantees are has directly relationship, because car body of snow if no timely clear, snow Hou weather turned cold, snow easy extrusion formed ice methyl, frozen live Windows, and key hole even wiper device and windshield cleaning liquid spray mouth,, this on directly effect has lane Shi of part function normal operation, in some situation Xia will caused security hidden.
snow posterior surface of mud was tire rolled up, is easy cover headlights, and licence, important parts, cover headlights not only effect night lighting, also makes itself of can identification degrees reduced, night lane safety big discount, and was mud cover of vehicles licence more is suspected block plate of violations, especially from next year January 1 up, block plate of punishment efforts will upgrade to remember 12 points, so keep vehicles appearance of clean Shi very necessary of, snow is not without wash car of reason.
so, after the snowy weather driving, be sure to wash vehicles as soon as possible, the sooner you get rid of body residues of chemical residues, and less damage to the paint. This may increase the owner's maintenance expenses, but it's better than paint aging remedy after the deal. Such as "still more snow in a few days", "two days pavement is still very dirty" is not an excuse, if you want your car to keep fresh, car washing is the most important part in a timely manner.
How to wash the car? More
car wash attention after snow, the first car wash water temperature is not too high or too low, although many car washes will play in winter "hot wash" signs, but be sure to note that car wash should be warm and supercooled water temperature, overheating will damage the paint.
cold water flush is not only easy to cause the body to be frozen directly, and in parts of the engine such as high temperature, had high temperature paint a sudden significant cooling it easy about ageing.
cold water, overheated water temperatures also hurt car. First of all, sudden changes in temperature will also hurt car paint, so that it gradually lost luster, is leading to more car wash old consequences. In extreme cases, alternating hot and cold all of a sudden may make this upheaval and crack-resistant windshield glass. Car wash is the good cars, but were damaged due to improper operation is not worth it.
snow a lot of owners already know should be timely after washing the car, but few remember washing chassis I'm afraid. Many city administrations will spread on the road in the snow the snow-melting agent, such chemicals to the snow quickly melted into slush, although improved the driving environment, but it is harmful to body and chassis, but not small. Snow-melting agent has some corrosion on paintwork, chassis, wheels roll up mixture of mud and dirt, snow also will accelerate the speed of chassis rust.
after the snow as long as driving vehicles, it should be flush in your car on the chassis, the automatic car washes than artificial hand spray gun-hand washing recommended, because automatic car washes of the spray system nozzles having special washing chassis, chassis dirt residues can be cleaned more thoroughly. But the washing machine can be divided into different grades, and not all available computer car chassis washing service, owners of this you need to inquire carefully washing the car.
How to avoid icing?
are not only after the snow, winter freezes after the car wash has been what is bothering people. Some car owners to reduce the frequency of washing the car in the winter, it is too cold, too trouble, if you choose the right car wash, avoid freezing is not difficult.
in the winter, the car wash should be preferred in an indoor operation, so that in the process of wiping, due to the operating environment temperature is high, the vehicles difficult to freeze. Many car washes will be provided by high pressure air blow away the remaining water services, such as mirrors, doors and corner pieces are clean, much better than simply towel drying effect.
limited car wash only when cold outside, vehicle may have frozen a number of initiatives, first of all, in the process of washing the car, should open the vehicle's heater, keep the car, especially Windows, doors to maintain in warmer environments.
in key parts, such as key lock hole should be covered with tape so as not to lock water freezes. Once the icing and then insert the key is hard to turn, do not use brute force hard to go at this time, winter metal will be relative to the "fragile", if the key is broken is even more problematic. When the lock was frozen ice, hair dryer on hot air blowing for a while can resolve.
car body other of activities parts, like door, and Windows, and skylights, and folding rearview mirror, also has may was wash car Hou residues of water freezes frozen live, due to area larger, alone hot hair dryer machine has useless, but do don't with hot poured car of method to thaw, its principle and hot car as, temperature sudden changes a is injury paint surface, another is easy fried glass. Solution: move the vehicle to heated underground garage, in warmer places, some more than 10 minutes it can thaw.
after washing my car in winter, it is important to wipe off the remaining water, which will test the patience and engagement of the car wash, cold weather, after all, some car wash employees appears "fine enough" situation. Owners in the process of washing the car don't forget to carry out supervision duties, after all, as consumers, should always let their efforts to get the reward.