"The new regulations driving test" no parking experience midway

Starting from January 1 this year, driving new rules into effect. This afternoon, the reporters came to the village in the test field in Hangzhou City, experience, which is many of them referred to as "history's strict" new rules on driving test.
car, seatbelt, examination begins. "Parking on the four corners of the benchmark reference is removed. Original tests, rote learning can now require real proficiency. "Bai Hongfei, Director of Hangzhou City DMV exam sat in the co-pilot position. He told reporters that after no benchmark, coaches once these "formulas" are disabled, many candidates have lost their sense of direction.
speaking, the reporters started car back, there is no access to parking areas, has warned the electronic system failed in the examination. "This is a system stop errors are detected. "Chief, Bai said, new rules implemented after backing storage points of main reason is rolling and stop. Rolling line refers not only to the wheels rolling, as long as any of the body parts than a solid line, a judge is not eligible. Midway parking refers to reversing into parking spaces or when parking spaces, there shall be no pause in the Middle, otherwise they will be determined to be unqualified.
Second, Xinhua carefully set out again, slow throttle, direction, two libraries, test appears on the display "qualified".
"new driving rule the biggest change was to subject the second move the pile from content library and ' nine selected three ' into ' five compulsory '. "Chief, Bai told reporters that the centres have no by continuous barriers, unilateral bridge projects such as facilities, test items from the" train 10, exam 4 "with the words" training and examination are 5 ", that is, reversing entry, ramp designated parking and starting, lateral parking, curves and quarter turn.
minutes, journalist experience out of the remaining 4 exam content, new site test more realistic scenarios, and more practical. Want to get a driver's license, the "Kan" is not easy.
in the three subjects theory exam, reporters found many of them faced "driver in the case of confirmation to car-free, can not open turn signal to change lanes," "standing in the snow to open the headlamp and fog lamp" and other practical problems, more headaches. Chief, Bai said, questions about 70% is a combination graphics questions, in order to make the test more, pay more attention to candidates ' practical skills, with particular emphasis on civil, safe driving. An error occurred if the candidates ' answers, the system will force the candidates to study this problem for 5 seconds.
"did twice yesterday, twice today or not. "A private company in Hangzhou have a white-collar young Yang shook his head and said, graphics combined with theory exam, practice-oriented, although it is" back onto the "he still felt terrible.
"new driving rule went into effect, as long as you practice the car, use, a license is not difficult. "The DMV staff said. According to reports, the driving test pass rates in Hangzhou today, account 74.5%, account II 52.5%; subject three-road driving skills test 78.8%, safe and civilized driving knowledge test is 54.6% both rebounded a few days ago.