Accompanied driving project

Code of accompanied driving

(1) love life, cultivate students ' safety awareness. Coach is a direct implementation of the teaching plan of work and instructor to teach driving skills through love and dedication, diligence and better quality teaching, dedicated services, the purpose of work and as a coach.
(2) compliance, training students safe driving habits. Rigorous training teaching, build healthy and normal, civilized relationship. Coaches should take the initiative to receive trainees, warm service, culture coaching, advocacy, patient, attentive and enthusiastic teaching style, differential treatment in education.
(3) care for students, services of the students is the obligation of the coaches. True to every student, no coarse blasting treatment. Eliminate the phenomenon of slights and insults the students's personality, attention to the quality of teaching and improving students ' practical abilities.
(4) implement the "diligent students, the independent Commission against corruption image" rules of conduct and abide by rules and regulations, low teaching teachers, do not encroach on student interests, consciously refuse tip. Refuse students pay. Consciously accept supervision.