Accompanied driving project

Freeway travel

1. Vehicles entering the highway starting point shall as soon as possible to increase the speed to 50 km/h or from vehicles entering the highway ramp entrance, must increase speed on the acceleration lane and headed into the main driveway shall be without prejudice to the main lanes of moving vehicles, should the outside lane.
2. Vehicles while driving on the highway, drivers and front-seat ride people should wear seat belts. Drivers may not call, not use headphones to listen to a tape recorder. Truck apart from the cabs and cars fixed seat provided it has been approved, no other parts are not manned. Passengers are not allowed to stand, are not allowed out of his car abandoned items. When driving on a two-wheel motorcycle on the highway not manned.
3. When traffic should be traveling on the roadway. Minibuses driving in the middle lane, large passenger cars, freight cars, driving in the driveway on the right. Driving on a motorcycle in the far right lane.
4. Vehicles cannot arbitrarily change lanes, you need to change lanes or when overtaking must open the turn signal at night must also transform to use high and low beam lights to confirm safe to change lanes. Overtaking is only allowed when the adjacent lane. Vehicles pulled into hyperspace lanes after overtaking shall immediately go back to the lane, shall not be prolonged occupation of overtaking lane. Vehicles ride, lane dividing lines.
5. Vehicles while driving on the highway, the minimum speed of less than 50 km and a top speed of no more than 110 km; but in case of limited-speed traffic sign shown above is inconsistent with the above provisions shall comply with provisions of traffic signs or markings.
6. High-speed swerve to avoid driving, when in case of strong winds, the steering wheel is difficult to control, to reduce speed, drive carefully, particularly in tunnels and cut Road exit, to pay attention to cross-wind steering wheel deflection.
7. Vehicle on a highway shall not reverse, reverse, are not allowed to cross the median to turn or swerve shall not carry out commissioning and driving instructor shall not overtake on the ramp, parking.
8. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods, or carrying length, width, height over road traffic management-related provisions of the vehicle shall be subject to approval by the competent police authorities at a specified route, time, lane and speed.
9. Vehicles while driving on the highway, the same lane driving of the car after the vehicle must retain sufficient spacing. Speeds of 100 kilometers, traffic spacing of 100 m or more; winds of 70 kilometers, driving distance for more than 70 meters. High winds, rain, snow, fog, or when the road is icy, should slow down.

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